You Deserve a Winning Formula

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You deserve a winning formula!

When sculpting the life you desire,
find a formula that works for you
that is ever green.

One that has its own benchmark,
and you can gauge your progress
and advancement.

A formula with its own safety net,
to catch you when you fall.
Propulse you towards greater opportunities,
New solutions and experiences.

Stop peeling back the onion…
Onions only made me cry.
I much prefer expanding upwards spirals.
Spirals flow much better.
Feeling the continuum.
Infinite possibilities growing.

Figure out what you desire.
Learn how to ask for it.
Be willing to receive it and the form it takes.

Design by desire.
On your own terms.
Be your winning formula!

Much Love.

Trilby Johnson is an Emotional Breakthrough Mentor, Author and Speaker whose clients hire her to go from emotional zero to emotional hero, as they heal, alleviate stress and cultivate emotional freedom in their lives, relationships, finances, emotions, health and mindset. She shares her knowledge of how to create inner harmony and outer balance with those seeking to deepen their self-knowing and expand their consciousness.

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  1. Laurie Seymour

    Love this: Stop peeling back the onion…
    Onions only made me cry.
    I much prefer expanding upwards spirals.

    I’m so with you here, Trilby!

  2. CK Kochis

    YES! Stop peeling back the onion layers! I love this statement. I couldn’t have said it better.

  3. Heather

    Beautiful, thank you…here’s to infinite possibilities


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