Well-Being, O’Well-Being, wherefore art thou?

Well-Being, O’Well-Being, wherefore art thou?

stressfreezoneThe dictionary defines well-being (noun) as: “A contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.” I feel that this sums up our general aspirations for living. It certainly sounds great to me and really, who wouldn’t want this or something greater for themselves?

What I love about the word ‘well-being’ is the way it drips droplets of all-rounded wholeness of BEING. I can feel the happiness, the health and the prosperity.  It is such a holistic word, and hidden within its semantic vibration all that is mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, it goes a long way to tick the boxes in the schools of Gestalt, Chinese Medicine, Meditation, Yoga and many more of the alternative healing therapies.  It’s a word that personifies balanced harmony!

Who am I to be talking about well-being anyway? I am a traveller on the road of life just like you, undergoing my own awakening. I am a Woman, a Daughter, a Lover, a Goddess, an Intuitive Well-Being Facilitator and Divine Love in Physical Form. In my role as a Facilitator, I draw from my own personal experiences to weave together the information required and re-membered to align these aspects of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, for myself and others. As Eric Pearle states, “It is through healing others that we heal ourselves”.

Please also know that the notion of “healing” in no way implies that something is wrong. However, many have forgotten their true potency and greatness. There is a thread that runs through everything, weaving it together. For example, is not happiness said to be a state of mind? If so, then does not this cultivate health – both physical and mental? And is not your health your wealth? All is intricately interwoven and moving in synergy towards optimal integration and Well Being.

When you are WELL in your BEING, everything FLOWS! And you are BEING YOU in your entirety. Now, doesn’t that feel good and for what reason would you not want more of this yummyness?

In Light.


Trilby Johnson is an Intuitive Well-Being Facilitator and the Founder of Connective Embodiment(TM), a Radio Host and a distributor for Natural Action Structured Water Units.

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The Struggle with Struggle

The Struggle with Struggle

Am I addicted to struggle? Is my life-long search to find myself a part of this? Definitely! At least up until NOW 🙂  There is a drama and intensity in struggle, I have found. It appeases the Doing-Part of me. Yet, my Being just waits on the sideline, peaceful, calm, allowing, knowing that the struggle is part of the illusion ………….

Whilst in total gratitude for the many authors, songs, personal development techniques that have lead me to this moment, there is, I know a fine line between true Being and struggling to Be. Not quite the same dynamic. I also stand in my knowing that each modality has been a step on the journey and not the journey itself.

I stood proudly in my struggle to be better, to resolve my problems and in my efforts to BE-COME.

BE-COME what? I Am already. The illusion that one needs to become anything is that which creates the struggle. Like a dog chasing its own tail – fun for a while, usually just ending though and leaving one with a few tufts of hair between the teeth and having had a few moments of fun perhaps ……

The White Book by Ramtha, is basically about struggle. The struggle to BE. Well it makes for an interesting Life, but what if interesting is not enough? What if there is more to Life than just interesting? Struggle can be interesting up to a point, however, it can also become the yoke around one’s neck. Struggle stems from the desire to be perfect. Perfectionism is not something in the present moment – it is the brain’s way of keeping us in continual conflict, struggle and polarity.  Why?

Because, the bottom line or underlying energy of struggle is that of lack. Is there ever not enough or the possibility of something more, however, coming from that space of expansion and not limitation? There are always more stepping stones, winding ahead into greater possibilities. Release the struggle means choosing to stay on the same step or take the next ……. one step at a time …….. the time of choice is NOW! Take a deep breath and just breathe in and out ……. there is no answer ……… just BE-ing ………… without struggle …………………

Gratitude and Light.


Trilby Johnson, is a Well-Being Facilitator, living and working in and from New Zealand. If any of the modalities that she uses resonates with you, please contact her via her website. 

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