Questions as SuperPower – Class


Make Questioning Your SuperPower for Effective Conscious Living.

In this webinar Emotional Breakthrough Alchemist and Coach, Trilby Johnson, leads you through the intricacies of asking calibrated questions and explains the reason this is so important when it comes to making great decisions confidently.

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If you are highly sensitive to energies or easily destabilized by external events and find it a challenge to stay calm and grounded, then this webinar can show you how to use questions and manage your emotions and thoughts optimally and easier! When you can make decisions from a neutral and informed space, you will feel more confident and self-assured. And this will be reflected in the results and opportunities that show up.

Questioning is a powerful tool of focus when it comes to conscious living and creating the life, health and happiness you desire. Asking the right question can provide simpler solutions and greater choice.

We will look at how questions are used and different ways in which we can apply them, so they become tools of empowerment.

We will look at 3 questions that can be used for most situations and that can help you feel more confident  and have greater clarity when it comes to making your decisions.


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