Lori Mitchell
 “I have a busy, active life and I am always the one ‘trying to find the answers‘. These sessions were gorgeously passive, and I could just show up and allow Trilby to connect to my body and ask it what it needed. I had input too, with particular areas I wanted to focus on resolving, so it was still interactive.
Trilby (and my body) worked together for my benefit and one of the most important results I received was a powerful balancing of my masculine and feminine. I also can continually feel the blocks she removed, and I can say that she literally ‘gave me back my wings.”
Kathy Milam

I tried diets, exercise programs, herbs, supplements and so forth, but continued to gain weight. I began to realize that there was probably an emotional component to my problem and that is when Trilby offered to help. She took me through a technique that allowed me to release those old feelings and exchange them for more positive ones.

Trilby also took me back to past lives and I could see the patterns and my sense of heaviness and “burden”. I was able to release and shift those thought processes that were keeping me weighed down. I went away from the session feeling lighter and free! Two days after the session I weighed myself and I had lost two kilograms without even dieting!!

Bonnie Bonsor

“What Trilby does is to spiritually and mentally tap into the essence of what you need to change, improve, release, or manifest in your life. The process is easy, grounded, very straight-forward. It seems effortless – actually casual…yet the results are specific, and in my case, quite amazing! If you need anything from clarity to calmness to a major life “make-over” ~ Trilby can assist you in allowing it to happen. She can tune in to old issues that have held you back, and assist in re-routing and silencing those messages so they no longer have any power. It is well worth the time and money to give yourself the gift of a clear space to be guided into a new way of existing, minus some baggage and burdens. Trilby Johnson is the real thing!