MASSAGE Trilby can facilitate these types of holistic massage for you: -> DEEP TISSUE, RELAXATION, TRIGGER POINT Massage is a great way to relieve physical tension a relax the body and mind. For centuries, the benefits of touch have been celebrated and sought after and in many cultures it is simply part of the lifestyle.  We know the healing quality of touch instinctively and so when we are hurt, whether physically or emotionally, we will often place our hand over the sore spot, in an attempt to soothe, relieve and comfort. 30 minutes $50 60 minutes $80 90 minutes $120    
-> HOT STONE MASSAGE Using hot stones as part of the massage is highly relaxing and also a strong way to detox. The heat from the stones soothes away stress, soreness and stiffness. The long slow strokes are nurturing and relax the body and mind. Improves oxygen levels and increases flexibility. 90 minutes $130      
– > LOMI LOMI MASSAGE Referred to as the Rolls Royce of massages. Often described as a dance or prayer, long sweeping strokes and stretching movements are used all over the body.  The connection between the therapist and the client is intimate and sensual, creating a space of relaxation, ease and enjoyment for both body and mind.  Because the body is often massaged in different areas at once, the mind and the muscles, unable to focus on two points simultaneously, finally releases and quietens. Usually this massage is best with the client naked with a towel for privacy, this is a full and complete body massage. 60 minutes $ 100
-> LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE  This is great way to manually boost your lymph system and helps with detoxing to increase your energy levels and ability to bounce back. Using feather-light wave movement, lymphatic drainage helps the body to relax and recuperate. Often there is a deep sense of relaxation or tiredness as the lymph system is stimulated and supported. 60 minutes $80