Life After Fearlessly Alone – Part 3

One of the advantages of discussing issues with other people, is that it can offer us a broader perspective. It also can help in gathering information and identifying trends. Often we may feel that something is only happening to us – which inadvertently can add to a feeling of loneliness or isolation – whereas when we share what’s going on for us, or offer to listen to other people’s stuff, we realize that something bigger than us could be going on.

With this third blog, what was a personal story expands into a social trend, that is showing up in research on health issues. Read how this chapter adds to the material of Fearlessly Alone and offers insight into the body and mind health implications and connections.

Blog 3 – In The Midst of Crisis

Part 4 will follow shortly.

In Light and Appreciation


Trilby Johnson is an Author, Speaker and Body Energy Alchemist. She supports forward-thinking individuals to live the lives they were born to live by resolving the core imbalances that destabilize and limit their unique and authentic body, mind, spirit connection and integration. When they connect the essence of who they truly are, they are able to realize and align with their full potential and live happy, healthy and successful lives.
Trilby’s success story is one of learning self-love and to master her life and she shows others how to achieve the same in their spiritual well-being and transformation.

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