You are about to embark on a journey! So sit back, take a breath, relax and free your mind and allow yourself to wander and travel different routes of possibility.

Once Upon A Time . . . there was a rumour going around that in order to be happy, you had to have a family, a spouse, children, a successful career, lots of money, a car and the house with the white picket fence. Most people believed this was the meaning of life. But, hovering in the dark forest, there was a big bad monster named Indivi Duality.

Now Indivi Duality didn’t like this lifestyle. They found it boring and limiting. So when they were young they had run away from home because they were always being compared to and told to be like Every Body. They hated Every Body who was just like Any One.

So Indivi Duality lived all alone in the woods. Now and then they would sneak out to visit the town, but Every Body ran away in fear and locked themselves behind closed doors as soon as they saw how different Indivi Duality looked, walked, dress, spoke. They never even hung around long enough to find out what Indivi Duality wanted, thought or what they were like.

And so over the years Indivi Duality became more and more of a recluse. Keeping to themselves and venturing less and less into town. Eventually the town’s folk even forgot about Indivi Duality all together. They were so busy being like Every Body that they didn’t have time to think about Indivi Duality.

In the meantime, Indivi Duality lived happily in their little home far away from Every Body, enjoying life and being in and working together with Nature. Slowly though, something terrible began to happen. Indivi Duality began to doubt their Self. They began to think that perhaps Every Body was right and that they were wrong. There was No Body Else in Indivi Duality’s life and suddenly the beautiful and peaceful setting in the countryside no longer held its charm.

Indivi Duality had this terrible ache inside that they did not know how to fix. They worked hard in the day only to fall asleep exhausted at night, in an attempt to get rid of this new and strange feeling of discomfort. Indivi Duality started to leave their home and sneak back to the outskirts of the village and from the darkness of the trees would watch Every Body. Each day they watch all the people coming and going. It was hard to actually see them as different people because they all looked and acted the same. Yet, nevertheless, Indivi Duality began to feel worse the more they watched the village people. Indivi Duality felt very unhappy and felt an ache inside that got worse each time they saw how Every Body was living.

When at home they felt awful because all they could think about was how Every Body was together and they were here on their own. This went on for several weeks and then months. Indivi Duality began neglecting their daily routine to spend more time watching Every Body. The peace they had once experienced on their own was gone and there was an incessant voice going on in their head, telling them how they were no good because they were on their own and who would want them anyway as they were so different.

Eventually, Indivi Duality started to feel frail and jumped at every little noise. They couldn’t approach Every Body because they ran away screaming in fear and yet Indivi Duality fell terrible on their own. They lost their appetite and got weaker and weaker.

After several months living this way, Indivi Duality ran out of food. All their animal friends had moved away to greener pastures because when Indivi Duality began spending so much time sneaking around the village, the crops were left unattended and began to fail. So their animal friends left, because Indivi Duality was grumpy and not very nice to be around. In fact, Indivi Duality ignored them, having become obsessed with what Every Body was doing, and so they drifted away.

Time passed and eventually Indiv Duality began to decline into depression and listlessness. They lost interest in everything else that was going on around them, so obsessed were they with becoming like Every Body. Yet they knew that they could never be like Every Body anyway. This made Indivi Duality feel so sad.

They slowly started to slip away into a feverish delusion from which nothing could save them, so it seemed. Physically by now Indivi Duality was so weak and they hardly even thought about Every Body at all anymore. They just had no energy. And so eventually over time, due to lack of food, self-care, motivation and filled with a terrible sense of incompletion and dissatisfaction, Indivi Duality simply gave up and disappeared from sight.

Where Indivi Duality is today, no one knows for sure.

The End . . .

* * * * * * * * *

Did you know that this style of writing is a 'metaphor'? This style is used to personify different concepts and is effective when it comes to addressing subconscious aspects and helping to render them conscious. Just like any fairy tale is believed to contain subliminal and hidden and subconscious messages.

Originally, I intended this metaphor to be a part of my book 'FEARLESSLY ALONE', however I chose to use it as a separate article to emphasize how our individuality and identity is very much a by product of socialization. Did you enjoy it, find it interesting, confusing, what emotions did it evoke? Let me know by commenting below.

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Trilby's success story is one of learning self-love and to master her life and she shows others how to achieve the same in their spiritual well-being and transformation.

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