These VIP DAYS have been created for you if you are ready to feel and look younger and healthier longer and want to take action today. Your VIP DAY is an opportunity to get laser-sharp focus on an area of your life where you are stuck or feel powerless and to transform these feelings in an intensive, visible and effective way. What could otherwise take you months or years, can be accomplished in a much short time with this turbo alternative.

What your VIP Rejuvenation Day you get:

  • You spend 5 hours one-on-one with me to transform your life and learn new skills to maintain your new found exuberance

  • Your will receive a personalized Body-Mind-Soul Attunement e.g. energetic facelift/bodylift, anti-aging, cellular detox, emotional cleanse, skin elasticity etc,  tailored to your specific issue, to get you grounded and balanced and ready to be receptive to new behaviours and thoughts.

  • Choose one problem area in your life, e.g. sleeplessness, premature aging, achy joints, low energy levels, brain fog, fear of aging, moodiness, overwhelm, etc that you want to transform so that you can experience something better in a different way.

  • You will uncover the core underlying belief(s) that is playing out in your life and how to transform them with ease and quickly.

  • You get MP3 audios of your VIP DAY for you to keep and listen to again and again.

Register and Pay - $997

What's next:

Once you have registered, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase. Following this you will receive a form to complete and also an email with a calendar link to set up a time for your initial strategy session.

If at any time, you have questions or concerns, please contact me immediately at