In this blog I want to do things a bit differently. Firstly, because I would love to know if you are receiving my articles to read? If you are, I would love to hear from you, so drop by and say ‘hi’ or leave a comment. As I moved my blog over to my own WordPress website, I still want to ensure that those who subscribed for my posts, continue to receive them. When I was busy writing my book last year, I did post much less and so now one of my targets, is to post blogs more regularly and create engaging content.

Then secondly, for this time around, I am sharing a vlog with you to make a change from written blogs. I have been doing many more podcasts and webcasts as this is also a great way to reach people and share my message. I think it also lends more authenticity and reaches a different audiences. In fact, I recently recorded a live class on Freeing Bodies from Body-Image, which was such fun and I loved the live engagement with the participant.

So as I embrace visual media more, here is a short video I did on the power of compliments and some reflections about how these play out in social media. Does social media make giving or receiving compliments easier? Are clicks and emojis compliments or is this now obsolete?

Enjoy and I will be in touch soon. And please, let me know if you are reading my blogs and what type of content you enjoy the most. Thank you.

In Light and Appreciation.

Trilby Johnson is an Author, Speaker and Body Energy Alchemist. She supports individuals to resolve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma and pain that is limiting them from living genuine happy, healthy and successful lives.

Trilby’s success story is one of transforming self-loathing into self-love and how to be the master of her life. She shows others how to achieve the same in their spiritual well-being and transformation.

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