The Invitation of Persistent Resistance

The Invitation of Persistent Resistance

Dandelion_light_017What is the invitation of persistent resistance? Are you one of those people who gets highly irritated by the saying, “What you resist will persist.”? Well I certainly have had periods of a love-hate relationship on hearing and saying this myself, depending on which side of the resistance I was standing on at the time. I often have to chuckle when I remember Gloria Steinem’s quote, that “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”! The irony for me of course being that the feeling of irritation is a symptom and sign of resistance in and of itself.

Now, for me resistance shows up mostly as a sensation in my body. It may be different for you, so I invite you to think about something you really are “against” and just observe if you can trace it to a place in your body. The human body is a barometer of information and is continually sending us information through our neural pathways and nervous systems to keep us up to date and ready to act. As I am primarily kinesthetic in my learning style, the signals come to me as a physical sensation or emotional feeling of resistance. Some other learning styles are visual or auditory.

For a while now I have been aware of this sensation of persisting resistance being communicated to me by my body. It baffled me because it did not make sense. By this I mean that whilst I have been choosing to experience a specific kind of lifestyle, I became aware that whenever an opportunity to experience this kind of living actually showed up, an intense feeling of resistance, if not a sense of dislike, would show up.

What really set off my alarm bell, was that I had found myself with this same kinesthetic experience in a situation which was definitely not what I was saying I desired. I was drawn to the perception that I was getting the same sensory feedback from two quite different and seemingly opposite situations. One which I enjoyed and was asking for more of, and another situation which I was choosing to move away from.

So what was the invitation? I found that the persistent niggle of sensation was there to catch my attention. It was my body’s way of letting me know that somewhere in all the mental concluding and judging and decision making, there was something that did not add up. I was out of alignment in my choosing. And so it was time to sit down and have a cup of tea with this feeling and find out what was true about this situation that was bothering me.

What I uncovered was a pattern of mixed signals. And when I took the time to look at it consciously and ask for clarity, the tangle began to unravel. The alarm was to show me that I had unconsciously collapsed the definition around “work” with two completely different meanings. Literally the sensation in the pit of my stomach was telling me that I had gotten myself into a knot.

Until I took the time to bring my awareness and conscious choosing to this knowing and get the information that was there for me, I could not be free and thus was in resistance and literally felt torn in two. That’s what happens when there are conflictual choices. Energy requires directing to move and for this it needs clear instruction. If not, it just hovers around.

To me, the invitation within the persistent resistance is …… there is something here that you need to take a look at and choose. And ……… until I take that time out and stop, breathe, listen and choose, the resistance will persist.

I came away from this experience knowing that resistance that persists is an invitation to take notice. To Be Aware. To choose. How to break through the persistence of resistance? Just keep on choosing!

May you enjoy the unfolding of your Choosing and Creation.

In Light

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Trilby Johnson, is an Intuitive Well-Being Facilitator, Author, Radio Host and the Founder of Connective Embodiment™. Her joy and motivation is to empower others in their Authentic Self-Actualization so that people can have fulfilling and abundant lives, by giving them skills and tools to have greater choice and to choose belief systems that enrich and expand their Authentic Relating within themselves and their bodies.

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Sadness dealt with well brings happiness.

Sadness dealt with well brings happiness.
Was sitting sipping a delicious Soy Milk Coffee when I picked up a magazine and read this profound statement made by the beautiful smooth operator Sade. “Sadness dealt with well brings happiness. It purges you and enables you to leave it behind.”  I was struck by the wisdom and compassion of these words.
It made me aware of how much non-dealing I have done most of my life. For some strange reason, I thought that resistance would get me where I wanted to go. If I resisted sadness, anger, hatred, love, happiness, joy and so many other emotions, then I would finally get there. But where was I getting too? By not dealing with issues, they persisted and could not be purged and left behind.There is such a relief in finally surrendering and allowing that which is, to be, for in my honouring of what is, I become more of me. For all those moments of sadness, anger, hatred, love, happiness, joy and so many other emotions are a part of me and me a part of them.

What else is possible?

With gratitude, light and laughter.

You Are Not Alone!!

You Are Not Alone!!

I don’t know about you, but the last few months have been, well pretty tough. The expression a “Dark Night of the Soul” came to mind several times, however, this awareness did not offer any comfort or further insight. I felt isolated and removed from the world and even my gratitude lists remained sparse if non existant. Even when things did show up, they parted very abruptly and rudely, only adding to the feeling of intense non-belonging. My way of handling this is well, to withdraw even further, adding to and aggravating the issue. And of course, the famous question, “what’s wrong with me?”.
Does this sound intensely familiar? Of course I know this only applies to me!

Thankfully, every now and then something or someone would penetrate my haze, which was annoyingly reassuring. When I actually had these moments and got over myself, I started to hear and observe what others around me were saying and doing and experiencing. And low and behold, I realised that there seemed to be a collective “dark night of the soul” going on. Until I really got the message ………. You Are Not Alone!!

I was waiting for a sign, and it took a while to realise that a sign is not only something that we label and experience as positive. When asking for awareness around the situation, I constantly got that I needed this experience and time to integrate and create. If like me, you still associate action with creation, then You are Not Alone! The only difference between CREATION and REACTION, is the position of the letter “C”. So where have you misidentified and misapplied Action as Creation?

So great, now you may have some insight into the fact that You Are Not Alone, what can you do with this? I believe that whilst there is a collective consciousness and we are connected to this and drawing on this most of the time, it does pay to stop and ask, is this mine? for every thought, feeling and emotion. And sometimes, when it is truly yours, all that is required is to sit with whatever is there.

I was watching Kiesha, Little Grandother’s talk again from November 2010 and was struck by how I had a total new awareness of what she was saying. “We are the One’s We have been waiting for. There is no one else. It is up to us to save the Planet.” So what will it take to change this and what contribution can you be? I believe it is truly knowing, that YOU ARE ALL ONE.

Much Gratitude, Light and Laughter.

p.s. I would love to share this beautiful song by Jenn August with you.  If you would like to share the song Grace with your family and friends send them the link Grace by Jenn August

Feeling separated from Source?

Feeling separated from Source?

To the degree that our Light is trapped is the degree we feel separated from Source. However, the stronger the feeling of disconnection, the greater the chance that a shift is ready to occur. ~ Elizabeth Jones, Astrologer & Creator of The Planets of Light

The last week for me has probably been one of the most challening I have personally ever faced. How cool is that?  When looking at what is going on in the world and the natural disasters on our Planet, on the surface, there was certainly nothing of significance going on in my life.  I was safe, warm and healthy. Yet I felt totally boff!!

So what did I do ……….. Well, I started by judging the hell out of myself. So how did that work for me? It got so intensely uncomfortable that I finally got really hopping mad.  Berating myself for still failing and not getting it and punishing myself until ……………. STOP!!

I forgot that I Am the creator of my life and so I was creating this situation too. Things I had asked for were showing up, only to be snatched away. What was right about it I was not getting?  Listening to an audio by Elizabeth brought it home – I was showing up in a different way.

New energy is exactly that ………. NEW. The old ways and references are no longer valid and are falling away. I see this in the Earth Awakenings taking place and all that is happening in the Middle East.  So what was right about all of this that I was not getting?

TRUST.  Has the shift occured for me – I trust and choose that it has. I Am that I Am!

And so so much gratitude for all of those who have contributed to my life over the last few days, know and unknown. You have all be such a gift. Namaste and many blessings to you all……

Love, light and laughter to All and our beloved Gaia.

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