Your Home Is Your Body

Your Home Is Your Body

Your Home Is Your BodyWhere do you live and under what conditions? Since the age of 17 I have moved 25 times. I haven’t counted the times I moved prior to 17, but it was a lot. I don’t mind and I guess in some way this nurtured my love for travel. I have also had four major country moves in my life and I look forward to more. One thing I have learned from all this moving around though is that wherever I go, I take myself with me. Despite being in new surroundings after some time, the same old patterns would begin to emerge. Have you had this happen to you?

I am sharing this, because most people think of their home as the physical address where they live. There is a place that you live first and foremost though. Your body! Your first and permanent home, whilst you are alive, is your body. Whilst people take tremendous care of their physical houses and places of residence, most have very little knowledge of their true home – their body. This is the reason that so many give away their power to health professionals who supposedly know more about their home than they do. And this is partially true because we have been led away from our true homes. Everything is within and your access route is via your body.

So as your body is the place that you really live in and with for your whole life, what kind of a home do you want to experience and have? The conditions that you live in and under – with regards to your body – are extremely important as they will impact directly on the quality of your life’s experience. What if you had a home that is comfortable, that suits you, that supports you, where you can relax, where there is no judgement, where you can truly be you 24/7, where you can connect to health, abundance, love, joy and to your Self, etc.!

Through my 25 years as a Body Healer I have seen how disconnected so many are from their bodies. As long as you are disconnected and not fully present in and with your body, you will not experience being home. Most people are not even aware that they are in a space of disconnect because our brains have be wired to overlook this information, particularly in this very mental focused world. The mental will always keep you in the mental. Whereas your body will bring you information from your body-mind-soul. This is the reason that becoming aware of whether, where and how we are connected is, I feel, imperative to us finally experiencing the lives we say we desire. This is the Vision I hold because it has been my life’s experience.

For many years I looked outside of myself for a sense of being home and it was only when I started to love and honour my body exactly as it was that my sense of confidence, love and joy expanded. It was then that I began to get an inkling of the immense wisdom that was hidden and that came through my physical sensations, hunches and feelings. Our bodies capture the language of the Universe – Energy – and are constantly communicating it to us. Up until now, many of us however have ignored these signals because we have been given misguided information, if any at all. To truly experience living orgasmically – that sense of total and unlimited and beyond time sensual connection to all that is – we have to overcome first the fear – yes fear – of our bodies and then we have to learn to open up to the language of our body-mind-soul connection, which is all channeled via our physical body and aura.

Before we can love our body, we have to establish a connection and if there is a connection already, be willing to explore it further. True intimacy begins within each of us and it is only through a sense of self-trust that a reliable and confident connection comes about. As well as through trial and error. So don’t beat yourself up over it. When you learned to walk, you did it one step at a time. Also a healthy connection will flourish and become better integrated in a kind and loving environment. And it starts with you choosing these vibrations and then allowing whatever that is not or is to show up and be experienced so that it can be set free. Energy simply wants to move and it is our personalities that lock energy into our bodies through our choices of thoughts, feelings and emotions. I feel that we are now at a time in our evolution where shifting through and out of this is possible. The place to start, is at home. That means you and your body – the connection to your reality.

In Light and Appreciation


Trilby Johnson is a Transformational Author and Intuitive Energy Alchemist, who mentors individuals to love their body and explore it’s hidden wisdom so that their life can change and they make informed new life choices. If you are looking for support on this journey, please contact Trilby at – many of her clients have experienced miraculous healing and a deep feeling of connection and balance. So can you.

Trilby’s book ‘A-Ha Moments – Inspirational Quotes to Shift Your Thinking‘ is an authentic treatise to live life on your own terms.

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It’s Not Broken!

It’s Not Broken!

itsnotbrokenblogpicWorking from home I don’t often use my car these days. Which makes the spiders happy because they get to think that they can take over. Until I use the car again. Which happened earlier this week.

It was a hot day and so hopping in the car, I attempted to open the window on the passenger side as it gives better ventilation without me getting blown away. Nothing happened. I pushed the button again. Still nothing. Oh no, it’s broken! I had a quick mental flashback to the days when cars still had window handles that you could use to wind down the windows manually.

Thoughts of having to have the window repaired also flashed through my mind as I wondered where the money for this unforeseen expense would come from? But, I was driving and so concentrated on taking the sharp bends in the road ahead. Several miles further on, I suddenly thought of the window again. Of course I had to check again if it opened, as you do sometimes – just to be sure. So I pushed the same button once again. Still nothing! Then I noticed the other button next to the window one – a little squarish button that I rarely used as I am the sole occupant of my car. ‘Push that’ my little voice said. So I did and then tried again. This time the window opened. It wasn’t broken. It had simply been locked!

I am sharing this story because I love how seemingly unrelated events can suddenly bring clarity in other areas of Life – all at the push of a button. It was as if a floodgate of awareness had opened up across my life to connect the dots of what was really going on at a subconscious level. Reflecting on the incident and the thoughts that had crossed my mind, I realized how often I had believed something wasn’t working – with me, my life, my business, my relationships, my money and my body. How often does that happen – to look at things from the perspective of them being broken? And yes even when things are actually broken, experience has shown me that there is always a solution or something new that presents itself.

My thoughts went on as to how these decisions and conclusion around issues and situations that show up in our lives, create interruption in the flow of energy. The energy becomes locked into this loop of the ‘broken’ belief! Energy loves to flow and is indestructible so it can never be broken. It can however become locked into a pattern of cause and effect that will repeat itself until the right release switch is pushed. And then it’s off again – flowing into expansion!

So what locks the energy in? Energy becomes locked into a particular pattern through attachment to a specific vibrational frequency. Energy responds to awareness and so if awareness is used to focus on particular aspects, then more and more energy will flow towards those aspects. Until such a time as a different button is pushed to release the form that has become attached to the energy.

The analogy of the car window helped make me aware that in fact nothing in my life was broken, only locked in by my conscious and unconscious choice of thoughts, feelings and emotions and behaviours. To open up the flow of energy again, all that was required was to unlock my thinking and choose something different. Change can happen at the push of a button. It has to be the right button though and you have to choose to give it a go. Nothing in Life is ever broken – even though it may appear so on the surface. Life is simply waiting and asking to be unlocked so that it can flow into something else – something different, something new and sometimes just a better version of the same.

It’s not broken. It’s just sometimes locked. And the key to unlocking Life is about you and me co-creating our human Being through choosing consciousness and love. You just have to find the right button and give it a push. It’s the same for your heart. It’s not broken, it’s just locked. Perhaps it’s time to open it up to new ways of loving. What do you say?

In Light, Love and Appreciation.


Trilby Johnson is an Emotional Breakthrough Mentor, Author and Speaker whose clients hire her to go from emotional zero to emotional hero, as they heal, alleviate stress and cultivate emotional freedom in their lives, relationships, finances, emotions, health and mindset. She shares her knowledge of how to create inner harmony and outer balance with those seeking to deepen their self-knowing and expand their consciousness.

Contact Trilby for a Breakthrough Alchemy Assessment if you are ready for go from zero to hero now!

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