Emotional Breakthrough Alchemy sessions are designed specifically to remove unresolved core patterns in your mind, emotions, soul and physical body that keep you stuck and unfulfilled, creating clarity, healing, alleviating stress in your relationships and life so you can experience emotional breakthrough and freedom, once and for all!

Here are just some scenarios where breakthrough is possible:
– unresolved, ongoing patterns of thought, emotions, physical pain and find relief
– ancestral or past life baggage to have clarity and peace
– confusion, lack of clarity, loss of purpose to have clarity and move forward
– anxiety and stress, depression, trauma, phobias are no longer a problem
– to change your mindset and can’t pinpoint what exactly is ‘off’ to see what’s working and have more of that
– in a rut and can’t get out to going around the rut in the future
– to get off the NOT-so merry-go-round and be happy doing it your way
– unresolved emotional or relationship suffering no longer holds you back or drags you down
– weight issues and emotional eating are things of the past
– awakening symptoms are more understandable and managable
– minding your own business in every way leads to self-fulfilment
– lack of self-worth and confidence are transformed so that you feel good being you
– sense of incompleteness or unfulfillment no longer bothers you
– create a sense of deeper connection with yourself and gain deeper insight into your true Being

Available by phone or Skype, sessions are $150 for 60 minutes and $200 for 90 minutes, with a recording for your convenience (online only).

To purchase your Breakthrough 1on1 session, choose an option below. On receipt of payment you will be sent an email to schedule your session with Trilby.

Looking forward to co-creating breakthrough and freedom with and for you!

p.s. If you are looking for ongoing emotional mentorship, let’s design a programme tailored for you, by you. Let’s Connect!

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