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Hi, I’m Trilby Johnson and I am passionate about supporting you to heal your relationships, alleviating the emotional stress and creating the emotional freedom and resilience you need to be happy and fulfilled, on your own terms.

Everything in Life is experienced in relationship to someone or something else. When you hold on to pain, stress and limiting beliefs then this impacts on and fuels the type of relationships you have and attract across the board – whether it’s with family, partners, friends, business, money and even health – and most significantly with yourself.

It’s very important to cultivate the right set of positive life skills and emotions that will enable you to create and fulfill your life and relationships. I know this from my own experiences of overcoming trauma, abuse and unhappy relationships with myself and others. So I know it’s possible to turn things around and now, I facilitate this for those who wish to healing and to alleviate the stress in their relationships, to find happy fulfilling relationships and emotional freedom that brings peace.

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I will teach you how to coach yourself positively.


I will teach you to accept reality & feel better in your action.


I will teach you to take massive action to lead a good life.1

Why you need to develop healthy habits?

After years of studying different modalities and meeting different people, I learned that my own personal emotions were messengers to what was and wasn’t in my life. I also learned to measure the value of each emotion and to identify the link between what I was feeling and thinking and what and who was showing up in my outer world. When I recognized and changed the limiting habits to new healthy habits, life got a whole lot better. Knowing how to develop a healthy habit is also extremely empowering!

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I am absolutely fascinated and passionate by bodies and what the human body can do! By how much we have exactly what we need and how incredibly powerful our body is. And yet so many people don’t live that reality. It’s possible to enjoy a healthy really vibrant trust in your body and my role is helping them access this hidden wisdom. I have personally experienced and seen people’s lives change the moment they were able to transmute stuck thoughts and behaviour and align with their natural infinite supply of health and happiness.

I love sharing ideas and food for thought through writing and blogging, speaking at motivational events and facilitating classes on mindset, healing

, life skills and person

al growth.  Whilst Life itself remains my best Teacher, my thirst for knowledge and experience included gaining many skills and qualifications:

  • Author of two books

  • Over two decades in the Corporate world

  • Usui Reiki Master and Teacher

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Diploma in DNA Activation

  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Meta-Coaching Diploma

  • Holistic Diploma in Massage Therapy

  • Oneness Blessing

  • Advanced Bodywork Processes

  • Access Bars

  • Transcendental Breathing

  • Meditation

I grew up learning the art of detachment, adaptability and self-reliance. I observed and experienced racism, judgement and exclusion from a very early age, on an individual and sociocultural level. I was also touched by the magic of Africa, which sparked a deep love of Nature and wide open spaces and rhythm deep within me. I am blessed to have lived in so many amazing parts of the world and my intention is to continually broaden my horizons through even more travelling.

I see myself as a globe-trotter and have moved many times in my life both locally and globally. Today, I live in New Zealand. As an avid questioner, my quest for the meaning of life began at a very early age.  A keen and sensitive observer, I was quickly bored and bruised by the medioctrity of  “normal” life.  This motivated me to seek answers and I was generously allowed to explore different spiritual philosophies and natural healing and meditation was a normal thing for me.

I went on to do numerous further studies and always felt drawn towards the Holistic and Natural Alternative modalities. This is how I eventually designed and honed my unique form of Energy Alchemy which allows me to listen to the language of bodies and has often resulted in miraculous healing for myself and others.

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