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I love supporting your breakthrough from zero to hero!

Hi, I’m Trilby Johnson and I am passionate about providing you with the mentoring and healing that will create the breakthrough you have been looking and waiting for. 
This is an integrative process of healing, alleviating distress and cultivating freedom across your life, relationships, finances, health and mindset, so that you can live happy, healthy and fulfilled, on your own terms.

Everything in Life is experienced through relationship to yourself and others.
When conscious and subconscious pain, distress and limiting beliefs go unresolved for too long, these impact on and fuel the very quality of relationships to all things – whether it’s with family, partners, friends, business, money, emotions, health and mindset.

Through my own studies and personal experiences, I have observed the importance of cultivating the correct set of positive life skills and emotions to empower you to create and fulfill your life and relationships. This is key when it comes to overcoming and resolving core issues around trauma, abuse and unhealthy relationships.

I know it’s possible to turn things around and now, I mentor those who desire to create effective and sustainable breakthrough from zero to hero in their own life situations. With personal healing, alleviation of distress and cultivation of freedom comes a deepening of wisdom of self and love that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. This is how we build a happy, healthy and fulfilling life that brings inner peace.

I always feel honoured and blessed to co-create with each of my clients, as together we grow and cultivate inner balance and outer harmony. 

If you would like to experience a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, your body, mind and soul, I can support you in your process towards wholeness.

I look forward to meeting you soon. 



I will teach you how to coach yourself positively.


I will teach you to accept reality & feel better in your action.


I will teach you to take massive action to lead a good life.

Why you need to develop healthy habits?

After many years of studying different modalities and meeting different people, I have learned that my emotions are messengers to what is and isn’t working well across my life.

I also learned to measure the value of each emotion and to identify the link between what I was feeling and thinking and what and who was showing up in my outer world. Once I recognized and changed the limiting habits/mindset to new healthy habits, life got a whole lot better.

Knowing how to create and cultivate a healthy habit is extremely empowering!

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