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A Novice’s Garden

2014-02-15 18.37.28There is something so luxuriously decadent about having one’s own vegetable garden, I find. It has a  particular quality about being able to step outside and choose from the in-season variety available, picking it fresh and preparing it straight away. It affords me such a feeling of satisfaction and abundance. The health and economic benefits are delightful too.

Now, I am by no means an avid, serious or experienced gardener. I just love to dabble here and there …. and see what shows up and how.  Over the year’s my green fingers seemed to have evolved and whereas earlier in life I had to have the most robust of plants for them to survive, today, I feel plants enjoy my company and growing around me.  I am very simply a practical and efficient gardener. I find not much more tedious than weeding, especially as once it is done, in most cases one has to start all over again. To what end? Admittedly, I have never really weeded all that well and this urkes the perfectionist streak in me.

So imagine when moving into my new home last November, I was finally afforded the opportunity to have my own vegetable garden – from scratch. For a long time I had desired to have a raised garden. So I did. I was inspired to purchase a special compost mix recommended by a friend and promising to have fantastic results. So I did.

There is something totally orgasmic about eating fresh organic vegetables. And whilst they do not look as ‘pretty’ as those purchased from the shop, they make up for it in taste and nutrients.  My desire to actually taste the natural taste of foods has developed more over the years and today I am fortunate enough to have a bountiful supply right outside my door.

Whilst I tend and nurture my plants, I am not over protective. They have to be robust here where I live in New Zealand anyway, as they are often subjected to strong insistent winds. Albeit they are perfectly situation to receive all day sun.

My garden keeps me alert and curious. I have to ask lots of questions. I am learning – a little each season – about how to grow and harvest from the land. To deepen my communion with my beloved Gaia, to whom I am eternally grateful.

I find myself looking eagerly for new buds and when small fruits appear, I feel such excitement. It is a message of joy for me – I know that my plants are happy! I water them often and feed them compost when required. I even sing to them and whilst my voice may not appeal to most human ears, they do not seem to mind at all! 🙂

I am touched by their abundance and their desire to thrive. They motivate me and offer such an invitation to embrace life fully and go with the flow. A few plants don’t make it – it wasn’t the right position – and some may seem disfigured due to sharing with the insect and bugs. However they are all proudly totally present.

I am full of admiration to their persistance. Slowly, minutely. Growing in micro-movements to pierce the soil and burst into the open. Then to face new challenges and competition that will either overcome them or make the thrive.

I always remember Louise Hay’s analogy of her garden and how it was a reflection of life’s unfolding and the process of creation and manifestation. How one’s life is like a garden that needs tending, cultivating, nurturing and honouring. And patience and trust.

Today, as I harvested my first bunch of giant beetroots, to make space for another group or autumn/winter crops, my heart is filled with joy.  Through my garden I  feel a part of something truly special. A dance that is filled with moments of adversity on days that are windy or cold. Yet I sense a humming undercurrent, like a soft vibration that underlies it all continuously. The strum of Mother Earth.

I am learning something new each day – calling on others’ know-how and expertise. What and when to plant. To me my garden represents abundance and vitality.

A garden takes a while to become established and I am learning what likes to grow where. Some plants encroach on others, whilst others co-exist most harmoniously. When I look at my garden, I feel such joy. I can taste it’s joy in the beautiful fruits that I get to have. And in turn, I and my body cells are filled with joy. It’s a good life indeed!  Thank you beloved Gaia.

In Light.


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