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3 Ingredients for Magical Living

aha createspace final cover-frontThe more time I spend alive and living, the more I not only believe in magic, but the more I see it, feel it and become it. It is so so exciting! What is exciting is the symbiotic communion between the adult and child that I am and can be on different occasions.
As a child, I never quite got to fully live as a child, as is the case for many youngsters. Life circumstances often calls on us to become older way before our years. I do remember Magical Living though and for many year’s of my life, acutely felt the loss of this state of being. So it was with much joy and anticipation that I became aware of the deepening and caring nature of my own inner reconnection with my little girl.

Interestingly enough it has been through the medium of writing – in particular ‘channelled or spontaneous writing’ – that this bonding came about. My expression of art is writing. On the page, I am able to connect to my Heart’s Knowing and hang on as my fingers type to keep up. 🙂 The whole process of creating a new life form, is in and of its very nature, Magical in my eyes. So I invite and encourage you to explore different mediums and uncover what your you-nique form and expression of magic is.

Below, is an excerpt from my newly released book ‘A-HA INSIGHT INSPIRATION QUESTION‘ where I lay out the ingredients for the recipe for Magical Living. To open up the space and create a place where the Magic can be invited in and welcomed and experienced.It is ultimately through experience of something that knowledge is integrated and leads to understanding. In my new book, I use the term ‘a-Ha’ as a synonym for Magic. The book is also full of quotations that will support you in coming to a place of Magical Living, through a-Ha’s, insights, inspirations and question. Whether you believe or not in Magic, give this recipe a go. Allow yourself to see what shows up. Let yourself be amazed!

The term ‘a-Ha’ is defined as ‘an exclamation used when you suddenly understand or find something’. This state of a-Ha-ing is often how I feel when I receive awareness. It has a quality about it that I have come to recognize as signalling ‘correct’ information . . . for me. I actually feel this in my body, like a current of energy that moves through me, when understanding becomes an integrated experience, cognitively and physically. Whilst it can be a kind of ‘confirmative’ feeling, often it can be information that is what I term ‘bigger than me’. By this I mean that what comes through as understanding can be something unexpected or unrelated to what is going on in my day. Like a glimpse into another world and life. These ‘a-Ha’ moments are very often soon matched by synchronistic events, articles, data, experiences. They are often unforgettable as they tend to be life changing. One can never think in the old way again.


This term is often defined as ‘the ability to gain deep understanding of something or someone’. For the purpose of this book, insight is used synonymously with ‘awareness’. It is that moment of clarity and overview of the bigger picture. Sometimes referred to as intuition, it is the fruit of listening and really hearing that inner voice. Insight involves trust – trusting that the information that is coming through is correct. Life’s experiences have taught me to trust this voice that speaks quietly and simply, often in strong contrast to the incessant and loud mind chatter that is involved in cognitive justification and polarity thinking. Insight is a sense of knowing what you know! There is no doubt or fear. Conscious recognition of the insight can lead to the moment of a-Ha.


This is something that occurs either due to mental stimulation to take action of some kind, or it can be a sudden and brilliant new idea. The energy of inspiration feels like a dance: a sense of congruency and balance that follows on the heels of the insight and which is like a door or pathway that suddenly appears, opening up fresh and infinite potential. The urge to take action and breathe new or different life into a thought-form. It can be felt as excitement, joy, motivation, or feeling energized and alive. Holding a Vision and working towards that target. Enjoying the journey which makes the destination all that more enjoyable and richly valuable. Usually, when inspiration occurs, there is a sensation of a burst of energy and a feeling of being vitally alive in a way that is new. The quotes that follow are meant to stimulate the birth of new ideas and yes, that anything is possible.


Questions are generally used to illicit information or to resolve a matter. Here, the question is used differently, in a way that is not about finding an answer and in particular, the right answer. Words are vibrational frequencies and when these are strung together in the form of a question, there is a split millisecond—before the ego mind steps in to decide, judge, or conclude— where the door to possibilities opens. It can take some training, but it is possible to become aware of these moments of empowered potential and the enormous scope of receiving that is available, as opposed to limiting yourself to single either/or answers. The question empowers when phrased correctly and becomes an extremely powerful tool for multiple choices.

The question is and can be the key to more expansive and abundant living. It forms the connection that links the insight and inspiration to the a-Ha moment. So please ask questions, about everything and anything.

The saying ‘there are more questions than answers’ holds true, so these questions are invitations to be adventurous and explore. There are many more possibilities available to choose from and questions—when used correctly and appropriately—are the keys to the kingdom of receiving and possibilities, so to speak.”

The more you embrace the magic or look for the ‘a-Ha’ within everything – including yourself – then we become an invitation. What kind of an invitation would you like to be?
I see Magic as being about freedom, choice, change and understanding. Are these elements that interest you and that you wish to have more of in your life? If so, then just add a pinch of insight, a drop of inspiration and a sprinkle of question. This is the moment when your life becomes free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs. Magical Living is about Thriving.

Here’s to your Magical Living!

In Light.

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Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Quantum Holistic Harmonizer whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Authenticity. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs.
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