You Can Feel Great Again About Your Life, Health and Body

alovedbody Research shows that 7 out of 10 women have at least one hateful thought about their body weekly. Do you have these kinds of thoughts and do you believe them to be true? Added up, that means for 52 weeks a year, your body is subjugated to verbal and mental abuse from the person it is closest too . . . . .  that would be you! So is it any wonder that people are not happy and that in some way this shows up in their lives and bodies – as weight issues, emotional imbalances, incessant and seemingly insurmountable struggle, grief and feeling not good enough and unsuccessful. Over time – remember that is a minimum of 52 hateful thoughts a year, directly aimed at your physical body – the strain your body is under becomes unsurpassable as every thought, feeling and emotion you have is held within your body. Unless and until you do something different and consciously to transform this process of self-abuse, your life is going to continue to reflect these incongruencies back at you. Health is not just about physical health. It is about the relationship you have on an emotional/mental level as well as on an vibrational/spiritual level. If you are ready to experience greater connection, clarity, relief, healing and feeling great again on all levels, you are in the right place.

I personally support you on your journey, as I take you by the hand and simultaneously teach you and provide healing, so that you connect to your genuine empowerment by knowing how to access and understand your body’s hidden wisdom. Then you can make new life choices for yourself with confidence and move forward in the best way possible. I provide virtual facilitation worldwide, when you are ready to transform what is weighing you down physically and emotionally and so you can start living your happy and healthy life.

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